2011 The Year Of The Rabbit Bunny


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Lucky 2011 The Year Of The Rabbit 4.25" Tall

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"Lucky" The Year Of The Rabbit Bunny
4.25" Tall

In many of the Asian cultures, 2011 is a Year Of The Rabbit. We are honoring the tradition with "Lucky" the "Year Of The Rabbit" Bunny.
If you have celebrated a birth this year, if you were born in a Year Of The Rabbit or if you simply like the qualities that typify a Rabbit year, "Lucky" is for you!

For a bit of information on Years Of The Rabbit, like 2011, read on:

Personality Traits:
People born under the year of the Rabbit tend to be fortunately blessed, strong willed, hate disagreements, careful, unobtrusive, systematic and confident. The Rabbit is one of the most fortunate of all the Chinese star signs. With their live and let live attitude toward life they don't often get into trouble and seldom make enemies. Although they can often put themselves first due to their fondness for comfort, they are considerate, kind and thoughtful towards others. Rabbits are said to be elegant and kindly and the Rabbit is the symbol of long life. They are said to draw their life energy from the moon. Although being graceful, kind and sensitive and leading tranquil lives, they do have a tendency towards being removed, indifferent and somewhat temperamental. In business they do tend to be fortunate but this comes from being shrewd, crafty and hardnosed. On the whole the Rabbit likes an easy, good time and gives sensible solid advice, although they do shy away from commitments.

The year of the Rabbit: is in sharp contrast to the explosive year of the tiger. It is a year of placidity and respite where little will be set in stone; a carefree happy year that will be both temperate and relaxed.

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